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With your help, we will continue to support our communities in Melbourne's inner West, reducing injustice and inequality, providing access to justice and protecting your rights.

We work for inclusive and safe communities and the full realisation of human rights.  We believe in equality before the law and aim to ensure that all people have access to justice and protection of the law regardless of their income or power. 

We assist people and communities to assert their rights and access justice fully and freely.

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“Time and again I have witnessed firsthand the selfless work of FKCLC and its lawyers and staff in support of disempowered people who have had their legal rights ignored and abused by various policing authorities. In holding the police accountable for their actions, FKCLC always does so in an objective, respectful and just way, upholding the finest traditions of the legal profession.”

Peter Seidel, Partner, Arnold Bloch Leibler, Public Interest Law Adjunct Professor of Law, School of Law, La Trobe University

If you’d like to develop a more ongoing supporting relationship with the legal centre or the Police Accountability Project, please contact Anthony Kelly on 03 9376 4355  or