Locum position: Family Violence/Family Law Solicitor

Flemington Kensington Community Legal Centre is seeking an experienced solicitor with a Victorian Practicing Certificate for a locum position as part of our Safe From Harm program. The position provides legal advice and casework at two outreach locations, runs a family Law Clinic running on Wednesday mornings and provides family violence/law community legal education to local newly arrived, culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

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Make your Will…and Power of Attorney Too!

In order to help ensure your wishes are followed in the event that you die or become incapacitated, it is crucial to think about creating a will or relevant Power of Attorney. In light of recent legislative changes, it is now as important as ever to understand exactly what having a will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Medical Treatment Decision Maker may mean for you.

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We're hiring!

An experienced and committed solicitor is sought to help drive the political, cultural and systemic changes for human rights.  The Police Accountability Solicitor  – Principal,  takes a lead role in strategic, public interest litigation and casework, and works towards clear human rights & police accountability outcomes.

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Rules for Radicals

Struggles for social justice and human rights very often take decades. I’ve had many reasons to reflect this year on the value and importance of independent community legal centres in maintaining such struggles over a long period of time.  Rules for Radicals, that controversial and well-read book by the US organisor Saul Alinsky was published in 1971 and influenced many of our nascent community legal centres, or at least some of their founders, back in those turbulent times.

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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Ombudsman

Most people don’t think about their electricity, gas or water provider until something goes wrong.  

Perhaps a bill is unusually high, or you’ve run into some financial difficulty and are struggling to pay, or you’ve been disconnected and you don’t know why.

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